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委内瑞拉反对派领导人劝中方转变立场 外交部回应(图)

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Q: According to media reports, Venezuela's self-proclaimed "interim president" Juan Guaido said in his signed article on the Bloomberg website that he had established contact with China and that China understood his position. He called on China to change its stance on Venezuela and facilitatea peaceful transition. He also said he will enhance oil cooperation between China and his country and ensure the safety of investors. I wonder if you have any comment on that?


A: China's position on the Venezuela situation is clear. We support the efforts made by the Venezuelan government to uphold national sovereignty, independence, stability and development. The Venezuelan affairs should be determined independently by its people. The government and the opposition need to seek a political settlement through peaceful dialogue under the framework of the Constitution as soon as possible. China will continue to make efforts to encourage talks. We hope the international community can play a constructive role to this end.


The China-Venezuela relationship is normal state-to-state relations. Based on equality, mutual benefits, win-win cooperation and market principles, our law-abiding cooperation has delivered benefits to both countries and peoples. No matter how the situation in Venezuela may evolve, the Chinese side's legitimate rights and interests should be earnestly and effectively protected.


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