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捡漏 Billbergia Rhodes Central B栋 18楼 无敌水景 2房2卫高档豪华楼花

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具体地址B1805/ 12-14 Walker Street, Rhodes, NSW 2138.
联系人 Hannah

Rhodes Central B栋 18楼 无敌一线水景 2房2卫楼花 预计2020 / 2021年完工。

Billbergia 澳洲知名开发商 商业住宅一体化,楼下就是购物中心!!将是Rhodes 最高的公寓 高达127m高。 面向水景, 公园,火车站,购物中心 处处方便。

Rhodes Central 将会建有超过20,000平方米的商业区域,未来的主要活动中心将会聚集于此处.

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价格好商量,有意者请联系 Benny Sun 0456-666-668.

Located on Level 18 RHODES CENTRAL Building B, one of the most luxury living in Rhodes.

Developed by Billbergia', this brand new complex is the tallest and beautiful residential tower at the centre of Rhodes! The Rhodes Central offers luxurious 3-bedroom+ study apartment for everyone.

This Rhodes Central will create an amazing living environment that takes advantage of the stunning views and proximity to all that the area has to offer. Due for completion in 2020, this is your last chance to secure a perfect 2-bedroom unit in Rhodes CBD.

West facing with city views 2-bedroom apartment in Rhodes: Featuring a generous open planned living/dining/kitchen area, flowing out onto the balcony, it provides an ideal indoor-outdoor living feel and captures the stunning views of the city with clear line to the Harbour Bridge.

The striking building opens up to the harbour and a new market precinct below. Fresh market stores, laneway dining and a stunning central plaza creates an inviting day-night destination to gather, shop, dine and relax.

If interested, please do not hesitate to contact Benny Sun on 0456-666-668.
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你好, 请联系 0456-666-668 询问详细价格与信息谢谢。

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