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单位名称Ausland Flooring
具体地址32 Carlingford Street, Regents Park NSW, Australia
联系人 Sarah
Ausland Flooring地板 是一家地板销售安装服务专业公司,为在澳华人家庭提供最优质的地板服务,最高质量的地板,最无后顾之忧的安装服务。价格公道,负责耐心,希望能为每一个澳洲华人家庭提供一份安心的绿色生活,和温馨的生活环境!我们有十余年地板安装经验的专业施工团队,注重细节和品质,在现场帮您解决一切疑难问题,用时间承诺经典!

我们主营的产品:实木地板 (Solid Wood) 实木复合地板 (Engineered) 强化地板又称金刚板 (Laminate) 防水塑胶地板 (Vinyl)(SPC Hybrid) 还有地毯,地板革,瓷砖等服务,我们立志于在悉尼帮你解决一切与地面有关的难题,精“踩”每一步,幸福美一家!

Ausland Flooring was established in 2010, a 100% Australian owned & operated company, specializing in the wholesale distribution of a wide range of flooring products including: Solid Timber Floors, Engineered Timber floors,Laminate floors,SPC Hybrid Plank floors and Vinyl Plank floors.

Our company holds a designated construction license in Australia, which can undertake medium and large-sized flooring, various projects include the mixed architectural residential, commercial, industrial and government project, and we have our own professional installation team.

Through strategic partnerships we get the best price on timber flooring with a competitive lead time FOR YOU. Our products are both of the high quality and environmentally friendly and issued with certificates ISO9001 and ISO14001. We assure that our products will enhance your lifestyle, creating a bold look, clean air and natural ambiance in your home. we earn our reputation through your satisfaction and your client's result.




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