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Darlington 悉尼 Large single room on USYD redfern campus

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具体地址Darlington Road, Darlington NSW, Australia
联系人 Phil
Large single room Available - fully furnished. Ideal for male students

ONLY $240 per week. This room is the cheapest room in the house and usually goes quickly. Perfect for USYD male student. Available now.

Large 1 person room available.
This is your own room in a share house in a popular part of the city (Darlington location - Between Redfern and Newtown). This is a share terrace house that is cleaned twice a week. Would suit male student in an all Chinese household - please no females for this house. (Owner does not speak chinese)

- 1 minute walk to University of Sydney (Right next door to USYD Campus terrace accommodation)
- 2 minute walk to King St Newtown
- Close to Redfern Station, RPA, Broadway Shopping Center, City
- Lock up room with own key
- Good kitchen and bathroom
- Free NBN fast internet
- Free Washing machine facilities
- This is a fully furnished large downstairs room. Suitable for 1 person only.
- Room available now

Includes Gas, water and electricity. Located within University of Sydney campus.

Please email bfsoriginal(at) gmail . com for more information and tell me a bit about yourself if interested (ie if you are a student, how long you would like the room for etc).

超近悉尼大学单人间现寻找一名男生学生房客,房东是英国人,非常和善,其他房客均来自中国。房子临近悉尼大学校园,2分钟到达ABS,3分钟到达wentworth building。请打电话或者发短信联系房东,请使用英语。
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