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资深留学移民咨询顾问 Senior Immigration Education Counselor

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A&A International Education has been a reputable and highly successful recruitment agent. It was established in 1999 as an international student recruitment agency in Shanghai China. AAINTL EDUCATION PTY LTD is the direct branch of A&A International Education – China.   A&A has territory approvals for both China and Australian onshore for Go8 and represented Universities, government schools, independent schools, pathway providers, TAFE, etc. A&A has branch offices in Beijing, Guangzhou and Sydney. It has overs 70 staff members with an average employment duration with A&A for 7 years.


 岗位职责:
1、 根据年度咨询销售目标和重点院校销售目标,为客户提供留学/移民咨询服务,制定可落地服务方案,并完成签约;
2、 根据公司项目产品特点及行业动态,制定市场推广方案,维护产品推广宣传材料以及新媒体咨询平台;
3、 负责制作、维护专题讲座内容、举办专题留学/移民咨询讲座、监控并跟进过程;
4、 负责维护客户关系,监控并指导签约进程
5、 负责市场数据分析报告并提出改进意见;
6、 参与业务部的工作流程和标准的建立和维护;
7、 完成上级领导交办的其他工作;

Job responsibilities:
1. Providing professional and efficient course/immigration advice and service to international students and meet performance target required by the company
2. Designing effective marketing plans, establish and maintain promotional materials, maintain and promote new media platforms;
3. Responsible for the production and maintenance of special lectures, seminars about study & immigration, monitoring and follow-up these marketing activities;
4. Developing and maintaining strong client relationships, monitoring and guiding the signing process
5. Responsible for market data analysis report and propose improvement suggestions;
6. Participate in the establishment and maintenance of workflows and standards;
7. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior leadership;

 任职资格:
1、 本科及以上学历;雅思6.5分(或其他外语相同水平);
2、 具有5年及以上留学咨询或移民经验了解相关法律;
3、 持牌的签证与移民顾问和或持有注册教育留学顾问(QEAC)证书;
4、 熟悉留学及移民的各种最新动向及政策要求;
5、 能熟练运用计算机、MS Office 软件和现代化的办公设备;
6、 具有良好的协作、沟通能力;具有较强的客户服务意识;具有敬业精神和创新意识。

1. Bachelor degree or above; IELTS 6.5 (or equivalent)
2. Have 5 years and above relevant experience in education and immigration agency;
3. MARA certificate holder and/or QEAC certificate holder
4. Be familiar and sensitive with most up-to-date policies and immigration law, etc
5. Proficiency in computer, MS Office software and modern office equipment;
6. Have good cooperation and communication skills; have strong customer service awareness; have professionalism and innovation consciousness.
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