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                                        LGY 2015 VIP Training Program

Congratulations on choosing to further youreducation and training with LGY Accountants Pty Ltd!

LGY 2015VIP Training program includes our full set of LGY training courses and 3 monthsinternship, plus exclusive interviewand business culture sessions from formervice mayor – Carl Jetter! Afterstudents complete this program, we will offer up to 5-6 accounting and financerelated job opportunities to students, and recommend students base on their actualperformance to the potential employers.

LGY VIPTraining Program Content:

Job Readysessions:

v  Interview Session:

Session hours: 3 hours per session.           Sessiontime: refer to LGY timetable on LGY Website.

Session holder:  Carl Jetter (Former vice mayor of Melbourne)

·        Job market overview

·        Resume guide and key points

·        Interview important tips

·        Interview role play

·        Interview review

v  Business culture:

Session hours: 3 hours per session.           Sessiontime: refer to LGY timetable on LGY Website.

Session holder:  Carl Jetter (Former vice mayor of Melbourne)

·        Australia culture overview

·        Australia office habits andculture

·        Difference between Australianand Chinese work manner

·        How to be involved inAustralian firms

vLGYPractical courses: (Each session last 3 hours)

Accounting Software:

ü  MYOB (6 Sessions)

(Session holder: Harry LiuCA/ Tax agent)

ü  Reckon Accounts (Previousknown as QuickBooks) (6 Sessions)

(Session holder: Ara FangAccountant/Xero certified advisor)

ü  Xero (4 Sessions)

(Session holder: Ara FangAccountant/Xero certified advisor)

In each of oursoftware courses, our experienced tutor will guide you to run the software for completingfollowing tasks in everyday accounting firms.

Ø  Software setting

Ø  Account Payable

Ø  Account Receivable

Ø  Payroll functions

Ø  BAS Preparation, and Reports

Ø  Financial Reports and year end adjustment and reconcile

Please note that each of the accountingsoftware needs different operating skills. They have different tricky areas andthey are used by various industries for many purposes.

Having knowledge and well operation of allabove software is theessentialrequirement for students who want to work in public practice and success in accounting field!

All of our tutors are experienced accountants in our firm; they have served clients inmany industries throughout Australia for many years. All above software is usedby them every day, and they keep adding more interesting points and usefulshortcuts from work to our course materials. Furthermore, we have internalupdates to keep up with ATO new rulings every month!

From past experience, we found thatstudents learn the software functions easily, but when they start doingbookkeeping work, they feel much struggled. Same situation applies topreparation of tax returns. Therefore, our accountants insert real cases fromour daily work to our training, in order to help students to be ready for work.

Bytaking LGY Accounting software courses, you will not only get the skill forusing software and taxation law, but more importantly, you will be able to dealwith real cases in your future job!

ü  Most used Taxation inPublic Practice(6 Sessions)

(Session holder: Harry LiuCA/ Tax agent)


Tax Concepts:  Assessable Income and taxable income,Deductions,Residency and Source,

Common business deductions,Taxoffsets


Taxation of Different Entities in Australia: Sole Trader, Partnership vs. joint venture,Company, Division 7A, company loss. Division 35 and personal service income     


Capital Gain Tax


GST Overview, GST and property investment


Small Business EntityFramework, Trading stock rules, Small business concession, Depreciation foraccounting and tax purposes


FBT and Superannuation Overview, FBT rules and activities, Acceptanceof Super Contributions, Withdrawal restrictions, Superannuation Fund CompilingRules, SMSF and property investment

ü  Advanced Excel Session(1 Sessions)

(Session holder: Ara FangAccountant/Xero certified advisor)

Whole range of excel function introductionand practice.

v3months Internship

Internship time: 9:30am - 5:30 pm forworking days, excluding public holidays.

Internship schedule: 2-3 days per week.

Tutor: Ara Fang (Accountant)

Before internship start:

We will give youa trail case to do to test your ability in completing basic accounting work.

We will offeryou some advice for the area that students need to improve, and then we willmake a training plan (include course and internship schedule) for each studenttaking LGY VIP Program and students shall sign and follow the training planthat discussed by both party. Otherwise, LGY will be not responsible for theresult that students fail to find an accounting job.

Internship tasks including:

Ø  Assist accountants to prepare journal entry and adjustment

Ø  AP, AR, Payroll and other bookkeeping duties

Ø  Assist in prepare financial reports, yearend adjustment andreconcile

Ø  Assist in prepare report through Simple ledger

Ø  Assist in prepare tax returns by practice manager

Ø  Apply ABN, TFN, ACN, etc for clients

Ø  Communication with ATO

Ø  Other ad hoc works related to accounting

v  All interns’ work will be check by tutor, and review points will beoffered directly or through email.

After the internship:

Students can asktheir tutor to give them a final review for the work that they are capabledoing and areas that need to improve.

Also, LGYAccountants Pty Ltd will provide reference letter upon student’s request andthe reference is based on actual performance.

Important steps in this program:

1.      You and LGY need to sign thisdocument to accept your enrolment to LGY VIP Program.

2.      You need to start your firsttrail test after the enrolment as soon as possible for us to make a trainingplan with you.

3.      After review of your trailwork, we will design a training plan for you. Your special conditions andrequirements will be considered in the training plan. We might need to lengthenyour internship period, and may include further charge.

4.      Each student taking LGY VIPProgram and students shall follow the training plan; otherwise, LGY will be notresponsible for the result that students fail to find an accounting job.

5.      After complete all the trainingin LGY VIP Program, we will recommend you to potential employers and providereference letter up on request (based on actual performance).

6.      After 5-6 job opportunityoffers that we provided, if you are successful, you will be entitled to ourongoing support.

If you failed all of ourjob opportunity offers, you will have 2 choices:

a.      You will be able to lengthenyour internship (PT Basis) until you find accounting related job

b.     You can request refund of partof training fee. (Normally $4,400, but this fee may vary upon extra servicesthat request by students)

§  L   LGY VIP Training program normally last 3 – 4 months


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