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Visas, Sponsorship, PR(Permanent Residency) free consultation

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联系人 MillpennDuncan

- We're a dynamic and professional organization that provides our customers with premium level of recruitment services. Our company has been in action for more than 23years. You will become confident with our expertise and satisfy with the result you have been eager to get. -


(Right now, A reputable company is looking for an ACCOUNTANT to join their team ! ! !)


We're offering a free consultation to you about your future jobs in Australia. Are you looking for jobs with sponsorship? You may contact us now! Don't hesitate contact and do not worry about your situation by alone. We can sort things out for you. We have strong job network providing sponsorships if you are the right candidate for them.


- Accountant


- Welder


- Dental technician


- Painter


- Tile Installer/ Tilesetter


- Social worker


- Retail manager position (5 restaurants & Retail stores)


- Service manager


- Pastry chef/Cook


- IT telecommunication


- Dog handlers


- Builder


- Salon Hairdresser


(If you have experience with ANY of these jobs and are looking for sponsorship with 457,RSMS and ENS, you may send your resume or CV directly to my e-mail address any time, any day.


- Great Work ethics and self-motivations *High attention to detail and accuracy.

- Minimum Salary is going to be : AUD $56000.00 + Super and we can also help you get 457-visa/RSMS sponsorship-


We CAN provide you with 457 VISA or RSMS SP0NS0RSHIP as long as you're willing to join us and apply your PR at the end!! For more information about the process or you are  already interested in this position, do NOT hesitate to call or send your CV to our e-mail below.


- Australia or -


We, Mill&Penn Management Pty HR management Company always are waiting for your call. Let us help you get the right visa with bright future guaranteed life in Australia. Thank you.



Headquarter Address (Sydney office) :

Suite 401, Level 4, 80 Mount Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060, Australia


*Please do Make an appointment first before you visit*


Office Hour : Monday to Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

* (Duncan) Australia Phone Number:


* E-mail Address :


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